Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I don't think you do...

Lyssa, Parker, and Tate...

Do you know how much I love you?

Things have been different around here for you three. You've recently found out you are about to move out of the only town you really ever remembered us living in. Your rooms have been completely changed from "your space" to "show space". You are ALWAYS asked to pick up, "Don't forget we have to keep the house clean." Your dad is back and forth from town to town. Your mom is sometimes(ok always)a basket case trying to balance selling a house, looking for another one, running after you three, and trying to keep things normal...whatever that is.

All the while, you three just keep smiling, loving me, hugging me, and helping me. You amaze me. I treasure your love. I thank God everyday for giving me your love for which I feel so undeserving.


  1. How sweet! You are an awesome momma!!

  2. gosh cassi you just made me tear up!

  3. awwww how sweet...praying for you guys as you transition Cassi! I'm so glad God made kids resilent! I feel the same way sometimes at our house and I definitely outpunted my coverage when God gave me my 3 angels. You are an amazing mom--keep up the great work!

  4. I admire you Cassi! Your children adore you. On those days when your mind and body are tired, overwhelmed, and you think you can bare no more your faith will revive you. I anxiously await to see what God has instore for your precious family. I shall truly, truly miss you each of you! Love you