Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come On In!!!

So, due to the fact that the computer with all my pictures is packed away and in the garage, I am taking a break from last years recap. We have been very busy these last two weeks! Most everyone knows we are moving to Temple! Yea! So, we have been organizing, decluttering, cleaning, fixing, and painting! Luckily, our house was in good condition before we started, we just had to do some touch ups! The good news is that it's finally on the market!!
I adore our house! Every time I pull up in the drive way, it makes me happy!

It was built in 1927. When we bought it, it had just been flipped! It was like buying old but getting new. The best of both worlds! It's the cutest little vintage home! Come on, I'll show ya around!
The living room just as you enter the front door...
We redid the hardwood floors last year...sooo pretty!

Looking back at the front door...

Another View...

Living Room/Dinning Room Area...

On to our kitchen. I love this kitchen! I have never lacked for cabinet space!

Isn't the red wall so fun! I love red! It's my favorite!

The Master Bedroom...
You can't see it but on that little red heart pillow on the chair painting it says A.D+C.D!!

Tate's bedroom...

Lyssa and Parker's bedroom. We have completely changed it up. There use to be two twin beds but we made more space by putting in this daybed. You can't really see it, but I got it at a garage sale for 10 bucks and repainted it! It is now one of my favorite furniture pieces in the house! Lyssa and Parker will have new beds greeting them in Temple!

We spend ALOT of time here. Just hanging out in our back yard!

Aw, we had some great times in this house! We had some great times in Abilene! Lyssa and Parker learned how to ride there bikes here, they started school here, Tate was born here, we loved the Coogs here! I met some of my best friends here that will always hold a special place in my heart! I could go on and on. This house and this town have been good to us! I feel blessed we were apart of it!


  1. I love your sweet house, Cassi! We've got fun memories there! :) I know your next house will be just as warm and friendly...I can't wait!!! Love you!

  2. Thanks Katie!!! Yes, I'm already looking forward to it!! Love you!

    So, you're a blogger! Why in the heck are my comments all the way down here?!?