Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Moment

As the holiday season winds down, I feel more grateful than ever. Not because of the presents I got, or what Santa gave my kids, but because of all this family time I was able to soak up. I don't take for granted what I have. I know it's special. I get to see my parents love my kids and my niece unconditional. I see them play game after game, take them on nature walks, take them to feed the cows, go deer "hunting", or make them their favorite treats. With my eyes filled with tears, and my heart full all I can say is I'm blessed.Choose Love

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

She's Got Skills

When we moved from Abilene the hardest thing for Lyssa was to leave her soccer team. She spent a lot of time with these girls and she grew to love them. For three years they learned about team work, discipline, persistence, winning and losing.

Then she meet these girls. What a blessing they are. She fit right in and they welcomed her with open arms. We just finished our season this past weekend at the regional tournament. They were just one game short of making it to state.

They were so fun to watch!

These are just a few pics I snapped of Lyssa throughout the season...

So proud of you Lys! Can't wait to watch you in the spring!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Here's a little Christmas cheer from our home to yours...

Choose Love...

Friday, November 18, 2011


I forgot how nice it is to have another set of hands at home. It reminds me that I'm normal, that I'm not going crazy. Football season is over for the year. We had an awesome year! You can get play by play action at Seriously, I think we were picked 7th in the district and we tied for second. It was so fun watching the Wildcats get better week after week. My very most favorite part of the year was watching this guy...
I just love him! He coaches with such a passion and love for the game, but most of all he just loves the kids.

Which is the same reason I love him at home. Looking at the days ahead, my heart is full of joy and happiness that I could just skip everywhere I go. I have so many things I want to post. Lyssa's soccer, which she is still playing! They have advanced to the final tournament! Parker's first year of playing baseball, what a little cutie, I mean stud he was. My baby, Tate, all the joy he brings us. My niece, whom I adore! But, for now I'm going to just sit back and enjoy all this family time, and soak up all these blessings. I'll have one heck of a catch up post after Thanksgiving. I hope you remember to enjoy all your blessings.

Choose Love,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Choose LOVE

When I met Summer I knew she would hold a special place in my heart forever. She's the kind of girl that always leaves you smiling. She's good at sooooo many things and she's one of the funniest people I know. We first met at college. The first time I was around her we planned a girls day with one of our mutual friends, Natalie. They told me they would come pick me up, I was living in the dorm at the time. As I was watching and waiting for them, I noticed Natalie's pick up truck jump the curb and literally drive right up to the front door laying on the horn. At that moment, I knew we were friends forever. We soon moved in together and started building a friendship that I still cherish to this day. She was in my wedding, we had our first babies not to far apart. We went through many ups and downs together.

Time passed and even though we didn't talk everyday, when we did we picked up right where we left off.

Now, as I think of Summer, which is everyday at least ten times I day, sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. See, Summer is experiencing what most of us can't even imagine. She tells her story beautifully and you can read more at Summer lost her beautiful baby girl about a month ago. Even if you don't know her, you won't believe how much Summer, Jeff (her husband), Dylan (her son), and Kelsie (her angel) can teach you just by reading her blog.

They have taught me to choose LOVE. It's that simple. Whether it's through my kids, my husband, my family, myself...I choose LOVE. And every time I do in my mind I feel like I'm keeping Kelsie's legacy alive. Even when my patience are shot or I'm tired, I still choose LOVE. I can't thank you enough Summer for showing me it's just that simple.

I bought this T-shirt last week... I also got one for my daughter. My sister also got one. We wear them proud. Each time we put them on we say a little prayer for Summer and her family and we are sure to pass on the love through our actions and thoughts. You can order one at

Please join us...through your prayers, leave a comment for Summer even if you don't know her. Let her know that she isn't alone, through her loss we will create more love and pass it on. And every time we do, we will smile and think of Summer and her family....and maybe, just maybe Summer will feel that love come all the way back around.

I love you, sweet friend.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucky Number 7!


The first time I saw you my heart skipped a beat. I was and still am in LOVE! You were perfect from the start. I couldn't get enough of you. I often wondered how I was going to divide my love between multiple kids, you quickly showed me that my love would multiply, not divide.

What can I say...
You are one of the cutest things that ever walked the earth. Every time I look at you my heart melts. You are one of the most competitive seven year olds I know. You are constantly fitting in a "post" or a "dig" when you can. In fact you were drawing out some plays for me last night outside on the concrete. You love to watch movies. Your giggle is contagious, especially since you don't have any front teeth. When I drop you off at school you are sure to tell me bye and you love me at least three times before you close the door. You talk loud, but with the sweetest little voice. You teach your brother something new everyday, the latest was how to form tackle.

I know time goes by so fast, but for now I'm going to enjoy you being mine. Happy seventh birthday. I love you, sweet boy!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back Where I Come From...

I'm home sick, like something fierce.
My little town, population 1250 (give or take 1 or 2) is the best place ever! I'm convinced I'm from the greatest place on earth. This is where my grandparents, and parents grew up, too. I met some of my best friends in kindergarten. I still talk to them on a weekly basis. My hubby moved here in the fourth grade, I STILL remember the first time I saw him. I told him in the 6th grade I was going to marry him, I wasn't kidding!! My memories growing up are very clear. I lived in the same house for 18 years, and to this day it's my favorite place to be.

When I think about my hometown it makes me sing,
"So sick and tired of this interstate system, I need a curvin', windin', twistin', dusty path to nowhere with the wind blowing though my baby's hair. Yeah, makes me wanna take a back road, makes me wanna take the long way home, put a little gravel in my travel, unwide, unravel all night long"

The last time I was home, I snapped a few pictures of some of my favorite places. I'll share them with you...

Although it is in the process of a remodel, I know every square inch of this house.
The smell, the noises, most of all the love...

Growing up my favorite part of the day was hearing my dad's pick up truck pull up from work.

(with my dad's hands, and my mom's thougths, they are's going to be awesome, but that's another post)

One of my daughter's favorite places to be is at her Mamma's shop on Main Street.
She has lots of fun there.

This is where I went to Elementary, Jr. high, and High school. All in the same building. I can still smell the basketball gym.

We spent many, many nights here. Like every Friday night from the time I was born until I left...
Don't let the size fool you, this place was a power house. My dad played here, my best friend, my husband, his brother, and now my nephew. Good memories live here.

My dads accounting business. Wallace Tax Service...I think this year will be his 35th year!

We are the county seat...

The famous Main Street. Sometimes I wonder how many 'drags' we made. My guess is about 768, 236. Would you agree, friends?
Just for reference...
If you were to drive to the end of the picture you would pass, my house one block left, my church, Red Bird, Mamma's shop, the Court House, my dad's accounting office, and end at the school. That visual makes me happy.

The famous, Maxey's Steak House...yummy!! Seriously, everyone should eat here at some point. I would suggest Maxey's Special or Tacos Al Carbon.
(My daddy built that sign, too)

Awe, meet my favorite coach ever! Coach Fin. she recently opened a new restaurant called Fin's Red Bird Cafe. It is the cutest, yummiest, most fun little place to eat! My daughter dreams of moving to Wheeler for the summer and working here.

Isn't it so cute!
This is where I met Jesus! Just two block from my house, I still hear those church bells in my head.

I have to take a minute to thank the person who taught me so much about Him, Bob Stiles. I know you don't read my blog, but really, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your patience, and knowledge touched so many people. I will carry it with me always.
So grateful for this little town and all the people in it. It truly made I cherish every memory I have and hold them very close to my heart.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best Day EVER

All I can say is we had a BLAST! I am so glad I got to experience this concert with my daughter! I'll never forget it.

Lyssa wants to writes the here she goes word for word. Enjoy!

So, eight months ago my mom and my Honey (aka my grandma) surprised me with tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. I felt popcorn in the pan excited!!! It was the first time I had EVER cried happy tears. I counted down the days and tried to wait patiently and finally the BIG day was here.

Here I am about to leave to go to the Dallas Cowboys stadium with my mom, honey, and Aunt Jes. It was just a girls day and I couldn't wait to go shopping to find the perfect outfit!

Caught me a little cat nap on the way...

Here I am in the perfect outfit to go on a girls night out.

Taylor always writes something on her arm at her concerts. I wrote BEST DAY because I was going to have the BEST DAY EVER!!

Here we are waiting for the taxi cab to pick us up!

The best and prettiest girls that ever walked the earth...

Here are the big girls at the hotel. Excuse the workers in the background.

"Come on taxi"

The Biggest and Greatest Cowboys Stadium EVER!

I was in a building that she (Taylor Swift) was in. I almost screamed!

The chillest and cheesiest nachos that I have ever had. Yummy!

Cowgirl sisters...

I was giving Taylor Swift my heart sign...

Waiting...Taylor, Taylor, Taylor...

A rap song came on so I felt the need to rap...

and whip my hair back and forth...

I was getting excited because I knew she was about to come on stage.

There she was. She was there LIVE on stage.

It was time to scream!

I was ready to Party like a Rock star!

She kept taking her ear plugs out because she couldn't believe how loud we were. I couldn't either!!!!!

Me jammin out to my favorite song Mean!Some people are just not nice, if you know what I mean. That's what she said!!

She surprised us with a special guest...B.O.B.

He sings Airplanes...I could really use a wish right now...

Everybody started rapping and dancing...even I did!!

This is Taylor's eighth outfit! She changed 10 times!!!

I love you, Taylor!

She put on her cowboys jersey...#13 Swift!

At the end she went around in this awesome prop above the whole crowd! She wowed everyone!

And this wowed me!!! Fireworks everywhere!!!

I was giving everyone the T sign as we were leaving.

Just when we thought we weren't going to see her again. A black SUV with dark windows pulled up to the corner we were standing on. Taylor rolled down her window, looked at us and said thanks for coming! We screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had sooooooo much fun, but I'm still sad it's over. Thanks Taylor for putting on a great show! See you next year.