Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress & Other Things

Wow! When I look back on those pictures I can hardly believe it! For three straight weeks we have been scraping, priming, texturing and painting. I cannot even begin to say how much I love it. We are 90% finished but I'm not posting pictures until everything is complete! You won't believe the changes!

On another's football season! We have our first scrimmage tomorrow. Everyone is so excited get the season started.

Other random but important facts...

My boy started playing baseball. I think he has found another love, it's right up there with football. As we left a two hour practice on Wednesday he said, "Well that wasn't very long." The kid is nuts about sports!

We had meet the teacher tonight. I am so excited about their new school and I have heard so many wonderful things about their teachers. Lyssa and Parker continue to blow my mind about this whole moving thing. They walked into their new school like they had walked in there a hundred times before. It helps that this town has welcomed us with open arms. I haven't seen anything like it...thanks again Temple!

Last but not least...more so than ever I feel blessed beyond words. I really have the best family ever. Some of my dearest friends had some big time prayers answered this week!! Life is good!

Pictures are coming soon...I promise! Have a great weekend!


  1. Cassi Dear you are such a blessing to our Katie Girl:). So happy everything is going so good! I am coming over next weekend whether you are ready or not! Momma "B"

  2. Life is GREAT! So thankful for you! Love you! :)

  3. Momma "B" I would love to see you!! Katie, I love you too!