Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lucky for us!

So four years ago we stumbled onto the most amazing coaching staff we had ever been on. Aaron loved everyone he worked with and I looooooved their wives! Roxanne, the head coaches wife, did an awesome job of making us all feel welcome and because of her we soon became a family. While our husbands were hard at work, we spent our time having potlucks, making crafts, raising babies, shopping, or just hanging out. It was something special. I will be forever grateful!

Last spring the head coach at Cooper, Mike Spradlin, decided to take the head football/AD job at Temple HS. He asked Aaron to come along and be the defensive coordinator. We were both excited about the opportunity. Another bonus, some of our best friends from Abilene came along.

While we did leave some great friends behind, I'm glad to say the coaching staff at Temple is also amazing. We picked up right where we left off. Every year before football season starts Roxanne has us over to 'wine and dine' us. She makes us feel so special and it's always fun having a girls night.

She goes out of her way to make everything perfect from the meal, to the decorations, to the fellowship, to the goodie baskets she gives each and everyone of us...

My favorite "goodie" in our basket was three hours of 'fluff your stuff'. We had three tickets, each one represented an hour of whatever we needed or wanted from Roxanne. I have already used all mine up :) She painted flowers on Lyssa's ceiling. Turned out sooo cute.

Thanks again Roxanne for all your hard work.

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  1. Cassi! You are so sweet! What a nice to surprise to find this fun post! We do have another wonderful group of wives to have fun with! I appreciate your thoughtfull words. I'm so thankful you and Aaron came to Temple High. The Wildcats will be all the better for your being here. I know Coach Spradlin couldn't be happier...and neither could I!