Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All You Need is Paint!

Thanks Roxy for the sweet blog post...click HERE to check it out.

For so long now I have been wanting to blog about 
All You Need is Paint!
It's my new business...I've actually been painting and repainting furniture for a long time.  When you are a coaches wife you learn to become very resourceful and figure out ways to keep all your stuff while bouncing around from place to place.  Painting a piece of furniture gives it a new look!  It changes everything!!

So, I took a leap of faith and decided to take it a step further by trying to get 'my name' out there.
It was definitely a God thing.  When we moved to Temple it kind of just happened.  I was painting for a business in downtown Temple within months after moving here.  From there, I started getting random jobs.  Everything from dinning room furniture, to bedroom furniture, kitchen tables, end tables, vanities, dressers, and my latest call yesterday...swings!  I'm excited about that!!

I'm terrible at taking before and after pictures.  
I kick myself for not documenting everything I have painted.
I even have a website I haven't used yet...ugggg!
It's my goal though.

Here is just one before and after...

If your furniture needs a new look...
keep me in mind.

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  1. Love how you re-did the furniture:O)! Love it, Im Blog hopping from Roxannes Blog:O)