Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

This spring break was the first one in a looooong time I remember Aaron being off.  We decided to take full advantage of that.  So, we hit the road and headed to Crested Butte, Co with some of our besties...the Berna's.

 It was a 17 hour drive total so we broke the trip up and stayed the first night in Wheeler.  After much thinking and worrying,  we decided to let Tate stay in Wheeler for the week.  He's not much on road trips yet.  It was SO hard to leave him behind, but he was in great hands.  THANK YOU so much mom and dad for taking such good care of him.  It is so very comforting to know how much he is loved! He had a great time...checking on the cows, playing baseball, soccer, riding the golf cart, and visiting friends.

From there we headed to Amarillo to meet up with Chad, Nissa and Nash. It was so great to spend some quality time with them.  

After a convincing the boys we needed to make a quick stop at Starbucks, and a quick pull to the side of the road due some car sickness,  we were off...

It seemed like we were there in a hop, skip and a jump (maybe that's because I was able to sneak in a nap or two)...

Aaron's good buddy, Don,  from high school works at the Almont Resort.  We CAN'T thank him enough for all he did for us.   Seriously, it was so awesome! These boys picked up right where they left off :)

(Almont Resort)
(Our view from the cabin, beautiful!)
(The cabin)

The whole week was filled with fun.  We did something different everyday.
We went sledding, skiing, rock climbing, ice skating, fishing, golfing, and lots of shopping!

(Lyssa picked up right where she left off)
( out fellow skiers
...he isn't afraid of ANYTHING)
(Vanessa, Me, Parker and Lyssa)
(J.D., Chad, and Aaron...they couldn't hang ;)

 (Me and Parker)
(Nissa and Nash)
(Parker and of my favorite pictures from the trip)
(This another one...she never stopped trying to catch "just one")
(Nash and Parker...cutest boys ever)
(Second catch of the day)

(Lyssa, flying high)
(Don't look down!)
(Nash getting ready)
(She made it to the top...three times)

I agree with Parker..."Can we just go back?"

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