Monday, May 16, 2011

Just giving you a heads up!!

I'm so excited because sometime this week I will do my first GIVEAWAY!

I'm not gonna tell ya what it is, but I will tell you it's...

Very Cute




$70.00 dollar value!!

The one and only stipulation is you have to be a follower on my blog to enter to win! my follow button now!

Happy Monday :)


  1. I enjoy getting to read about your family!! I sure have enjoyed getting to be friends with Janell, she is a sweetie!! I see you are on the countdown to be with your Hubby!! I'm sure it will be Great for you and the kids((: Tell Lyssa she will have to come work at her Mammy's shop this summer((: Take Care Cassi!
    Stefanie Jones

  2. Thanks Stefanie! Lyssa does love to work at her Mamma's shop. She wants to spend the whole summer in Wheeler...I can't blame her.