Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thursday - Milk Day

I know milk days aren't normally something people look forward to. However, when you get raw, fresh milk every Thursday...that gives you something to cheer about!

It's amazing just how much controversy swirls around this simple, but oh, so complex food. The more I researched it, the more fascinated I became.

Some people think it will kill ya. Others claim it will heal ya!

Reasons we drink raw milk:

*Raw milk is a living food - it contains beneficial bacteria, food enzymes, natural vitamins and immunoglobulins which are heat-sensitive. When you pasteurize milk you destroy these natural components.

*Raw milk has beneficial bacteria - as a living food, raw milk is rich in beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for stimulating and training your immune system to function correctly. They also work to help your immune system. When you consume raw food with all this living bacteria you can help raise the levels of beneficial bacteria in your gut!

*Raw milk is rich in food enzymes- these enzymes help your body digest milk and better metabolize nutrients.

*Raw milk is rich in natural vitamins - fresh raw milk naturally contains vitamin C which is completely absent from pasteurized milk.

* Raw milk is easier to digest - fresh, raw milk is easier on your stomach and digestive tract.

*Raw milk is just soooo darn tasty!

Hope your Thursday is delish as ours!!

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