Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm in debt to you

I feel like I could sit here for hours and still not do this post justice. I never know just how to go about expressing my gratitude, love, and respect I have for these two. My mom and dad...

They show through their actions what selflessness is really all about.

They offer to help us move, even though it's further away from them. They offer to babysit, even though they are tired from a full work week. They hardly miss my kiddos soccer games, even tough gas is 4 bucks a gallon. They help fix things up at our house, even though they are in the middle of remolding theirs. They call to check on us daily, even when they know we are fine. They listen to endless stories my kids tell them, even if they've already heard them once. They have always supported us, even in the hardest of times. They never, ever miss a minute they can spend with their grand kids, even if it means getting on a plane when they hate to fly. They never say no to a backyard baseball or basketball game, even though they played one the day before.

Mom and Dad...I wish I could send you on some fancy far way trip that you would remember forever or buy you something that you would least expect. All I can do is promise you that I will pass it on. I will love my children as much as you love us, and I will adore my grandchildren as much as you do yours. Thank you for giving me (us) the best life ever!


  1. that was so sweet!

  2. Oh this is gonna bring tears to their eyes! We are so blessed with fabulous parents!! Love you, friend!