Friday, November 18, 2011


I forgot how nice it is to have another set of hands at home. It reminds me that I'm normal, that I'm not going crazy. Football season is over for the year. We had an awesome year! You can get play by play action at Seriously, I think we were picked 7th in the district and we tied for second. It was so fun watching the Wildcats get better week after week. My very most favorite part of the year was watching this guy...
I just love him! He coaches with such a passion and love for the game, but most of all he just loves the kids.

Which is the same reason I love him at home. Looking at the days ahead, my heart is full of joy and happiness that I could just skip everywhere I go. I have so many things I want to post. Lyssa's soccer, which she is still playing! They have advanced to the final tournament! Parker's first year of playing baseball, what a little cutie, I mean stud he was. My baby, Tate, all the joy he brings us. My niece, whom I adore! But, for now I'm going to just sit back and enjoy all this family time, and soak up all these blessings. I'll have one heck of a catch up post after Thanksgiving. I hope you remember to enjoy all your blessings.

Choose Love,

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  1. Oh, I could skip everywhere I go right now, too! We definitely have blessed lives, and I'm so thankful for that. And thankful for my sweet friends who make it that much better! LYLAS!