Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucky Number 7!


The first time I saw you my heart skipped a beat. I was and still am in LOVE! You were perfect from the start. I couldn't get enough of you. I often wondered how I was going to divide my love between multiple kids, you quickly showed me that my love would multiply, not divide.

What can I say...
You are one of the cutest things that ever walked the earth. Every time I look at you my heart melts. You are one of the most competitive seven year olds I know. You are constantly fitting in a "post" or a "dig" when you can. In fact you were drawing out some plays for me last night outside on the concrete. You love to watch movies. Your giggle is contagious, especially since you don't have any front teeth. When I drop you off at school you are sure to tell me bye and you love me at least three times before you close the door. You talk loud, but with the sweetest little voice. You teach your brother something new everyday, the latest was how to form tackle.

I know time goes by so fast, but for now I'm going to enjoy you being mine. Happy seventh birthday. I love you, sweet boy!



  1. Am I emotional much?! Totally just teared up reading this!

  2. Precious post Cassie. Happiest Birthday for the cutest little boy I know!

  3. Happy, happy birthday Parker! Little cutie patootie. How is it possible that he's 7?! We'll be watching him play football for his dad and adopt-a-dads in no time... *tear*