Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ready or Not

There is something different in the air.  
I recognize the smell, and the feel. 
 Oh,'s football season!
As much as I hate the time Aaron is away...
I do love some football.  
I love to watch him coach even more.  
He's kinda crazy, but that's the reason he's so fun to watch.

These kiddos are ready to cheer on the wildcats!

Meet mini coach Dunnam.  
He's got a whistle and he's not afraid to use it!! 

School also started this week.  So far, so good!  
The kids love their teachers.
I know I say it all the time, but time really does fly by.  I can't believe my babies are in the 2nd and 5th grade.
It blows my mind...

Tater, we are going to have to work on your spelling :)

Choose Love,


  1. Such a precious family!! Super sweet kiddos and parents!!
    Hugs..momma Boyce

  2. Thanks momma Boyce! We love you!!